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Nowadays, instead of manually browsing through magazines and papers, most people look for information, products and services by searching through different internet search engines. This is why, for website owners, it is definitely a great advantage if they maximize their site exposure through search engine optimization. SEO can help your company get found, get noticed and get new customers in Tempe, AZ. We are advising our clients to do multiple different online campaigns like search engine marketing (PPC) and social media marketing combined with their SEO campaigns.

Why Majestic Warrior

When people look for particular information or products via search engines, the results are presented to them in a list. The website on top of the list gains the highest exposure among the relevant websites, and therefore has the highest potential to attract prospective customers. As the search list goes down, website exposure decreases; same with potential sales of products and services.

Through SEO, a website could gain a steady increase in traffic over time. This is especially important for online businesses so as to gain strategic advantage over its rivals. The internet is a vast community where many people offer the same products or services. And because of this, it is a must for website owners to consider professionally optimizing their search engine visibility in order to stay afloat amidst the sea of online competitors.

Choosing a Good SEO Company

There are many companies today that offer professional SEO services, andeach company has its own pitch to entice website owners. However, as with any other services, some SEO companies are better in doing the job than some. Thus, it is essential for website owners to choose a company that has an outstanding performance record and credibility. Performance reviews and customer testimonials are a great way to gain information about a particular SEO company’s service. And of course, it is also important that the chosen company is trustworthy and caring to their clients. Good company-client relationship would not only mean smooth flow of the job, but also ensures avoidance of future conflicts and misunderstandings. 

Doing the Job Professionally, All The Time

Knowing a job from getting it done is quite different. Yes, the process of optimizing a website’s search engine visibility may seem quite simple, but in reality, it is not. And yes, a website owner may choose to do the optimization himself thinking he could save resources, but usually, it just ends up with terrible results. Some practices of inexperienced search engine optimizers may be flagged by search engines as spam, malicious, or even irrelevant. As a result, instead of bringing up the site’s search engine ranking, the website is sent to the far bottom of the search engine result. Furthermore, it is true that hiring an SEO company entails spending some money initially. But in the long run, our goal through performance marketing is to increase the company's bottom line and produce an ROI from the increase in sales.

Your Local SEO Agency

In Tempe, it is quite an advantage for site owners to opt for a local SEO agency. With a local company, targeting of customers in a particular area is emphasized. Furthermore, it also has the highest potential to make websites accessible to potential local clients as they are more knowledgeable about the location and its demographics. We have been providing local SEO in Arizona since we started in 2011. Majestic Warrior specialize in all aspects of local marketing to help your company stand out and get the traffic it deserves. High amounts of traffic to your website = more business for your company.

Google Local Maps Optimization - Why You Need It?

Another optimization technique that professional SEO companies use is the Google places and local maps optimization. This technique allows a business’s physical location to be posted in the map directory of most internet search engines. Through this, clients will be able to know how to get to the business’s shop or office, potentially increasing the sales that the company may generate.

Additionally, having a business listed in maps also guarantees customers that the business is legitimate. There are many bogus companies that can be found on the internet today, and Google maps optimization is a significant help to gain the confidence and trust of customers for them to conduct business with your company. If we take you on as a new local SEO client, we focus on traffic, rankings and google places to help gain more sales for your company.

Key Aspects of a Local SEO Campaign

  • Keyword Phrase Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Citation Building
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing & Optimization
  • Image Marketing & Optimization
  • Advanced Techniques

Majestic Warrior SEO Company

Among the best SEO providers in the business today is Majestic Warrior SEO in Arizona. We have reasonable in-depth experience in the field and have a collection of positive results to prove it. Our company knows that each website has special needs and functions, and we have the knowledge and skills to address it. With Majestic Warrior, results are guaranteed to boost any site’s search engine rankings significantly. We can not guarantee specific positions rankings or even 1st page rankings, although we have a great track record of doing just that. We also have a great track record of doing this in google places and for multiple keyword phrases. We want your website to explode with traffic over time.